Most Common Diaper Myths

Pampers are a savior for modern mothers. In the past, clothing diapers were used and they are still being used by many mothers. However, it is the disposable diapers that have now become almost every mother’s choice as they have numerous advantages over the conventional cloth diapers.

There are many ways in which a disposable diaper like Pampers is way more beneficial to both the mother and the baby as compared to cloth diaper. Cloth diapers can be difficult to handle while the disposable diapers are convenient to buy and easier to change and dispose of. Since disposable diapers like Pampers are ultra-absorbent, they don’t need to be changed frequently, leaving mothers with some time to rest too.

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Now, your mother or grandmother might like disposable diapers and advocate cloth diapers. This is the reason why several myths have been attached to the use of diapers. But let me tell you, these are nothing more than diaper myths only.

Here are some of the most common diaper myths:

  1. Diapers Cause Rashes:

Rashes are caused due to irritation, allergy or infection which can be developed due to the use of both cloth and diapers. This is because rashes appear when the diaper or the cloth is not changed when needed. People think if the diaper or the cloth is not full, it is okay if it stays on the baby for the whole day. This is not the actual case. Neither the cloth nor the diaper causes rashes if changed within 2 to 3 hours in the day. Therefore, diapers causing rashes is nothing more than a false belief.  In fact, if your child is wet for hours due to use of nappies, it becomes the real cause of the rashes. Most mothers that use cloth nappies complain about constant rashes on the skin of their kids. With Pampers Dry Pants, there is a built-in moisturizer that helps reduce skin irritations.

  1. Diapers Restrict Skin Breathability:

One of the most common diaper myths about diapers is that the material of the diaper is such that it makes it difficult for the skin of the baby to breath. This is not true as the soft cotton being used in diapers is what promotes skin breathability. With diapers, a mother does not have to worry about this as this is nothing but a myth.
Pampers have pores and perforations that keep the passage of air for the skin.

  1. Diapers Are Not Effective:

Diapers save your kids from leaking and ruining their pants. Diapers today come with ultra-absorbent power. Diapers such as Pampers are the best choice for the mothers as problems like leakage are very rare. These diapers are cent percent effective and help your baby sleep better and undisturbed sleep. Not only does the baby sleep’s well at night but also the parents who do not have to wake up after every hour to change the cloth.  Due to absorbent nature diapers protect pants from getting stains. Pampers dry pants have three channel absorbent technology that distributes the pee evenly making your baby comfortable at any time.

  1. Pant Style Diapers Are Uncomfortable:

The advancements in diapers are making lives easier for the mothers and the babies. One of this advancement is the pant style diaper. These are very convenient to use as unlike tape diapers, they will not come off when your baby is running around and playing. The pant diapers adjust according to the size of the baby’s waist and do not have to be tightened in order to make sure that it won’t come off like in tape diapers the mother has to tightly tape it which might many times be uncomfortable for the baby.

The best part about the pant diapers is that you don’t have to worry about diapers leaking. It adjusts just as underwear and fixes with legs of the kid. I sincerely hope I have been able to burst all your myths regarding disposable diapers. Feel free to share your comments in the box below!


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