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Music is therapeutic - It's the Food for Soul!!!

Music is therapeutic – It’s the Food for Soul!!!

I am a firm believer of the saying, “Music is the food for soul”. I don’t know who said it but whoever would have said, must have really lived it in his life. Music is therapeutic. I love it and feel that my life has its own soundtrack. I love the fact that I can assign songs to a particular era of my lifetime making the memories all the more wonderful.  Music has the power to heal. It can cheer you up when you are down and bring you peace when you need it the most. I hope I can foster my love for all kinds of music and pass this on to my kids.

Encourage your child to take up music in one form or the other for it provides a number of benefits:

  1. Improves concentration and Attention: Music plays an important part in enhancing the higher brain functions, memory, concentration and attention. Some people introduce music to their kids right from when they are little babies. There are a lot of baby music and lullabies available for baby brain development and for a relaxed sleep.Listening to the music fosters in them a love for it and playing a music instrument stimulates the part of the brain that develops abstract reasoning skills.

  1. Make Kids Social: Learning musical instruments will provide your child an opportunity to meet people and build social skills. It brings people with the same interest together enabling the child to open up better.
  1. Builds confidence: Playing musical instruments can’t be learnt with a click but is an incremental process. With achieving each goal step, the self-confidence of the child is bound to increase. It will blossom his creativity and will eventually boost his confidence.
  1. Teaches discipline: Playing any instrument requires immense patience and attention. It gives the kids a great opportunity to learn patience.
  1. Relieves stress: You must be thinking that I am overdoing it when I say it relieves the stress from the life of your kid ! But yes, your ten year old might be going through the stress you not even know! There might be things that may look very small to you but they can be real stressful for your ‘so little baby’. It might be as small as a fight from his best friend or the last class test result! Playing musical instruments help to relieve stress as it require undivided attention leaving no space for anything else.
  1. A wonderful opportunity to “BE A PARENT”: At times, parenting our kids, we actually forget to parent them . Music presents you a wonderful opportunity to be that. Help your child to achieve his goals, give him an environment wherein he can practice, celebrate his achievements and above all, be present with your child when he needs. Music is for life and is the best gift you can give your child to be cherished forever!!!

Teach your kids the essence of music and make them learn to appreciate it.

Give your child the gift that will  soothe his soul for life– “Give him the gift of Music”!!!

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