An Open Letter To My And Every Mother Out There

Dear Mother,

Here are the two words I want to begin this letter with, Thank You’. They are too little and meaningless when compared to what you do for us, all of our lives. Thank you for carrying us within yourself for nine months, for bearing all the pain, swelling feet and morning sickness, that came your way to bring us into this world. Thank you for letting us hold your fingers and make us learn to walk when we were toddlers. Thank you for all those first bites we would never learn to eat if it wasn’t your hand. Thank you for teaching us how to talk, walk, eat and listen. Thank you for making beautiful humans out of mere blank papers.

Even when we were failing at everything in life, we had one biggest ‘Fan’. A fan who would always look at us with pride, a fan who was there as a cheerleader for us, a fan who never failed to encourage us.! In every competition, in every practice, in every exam, no matter what the situation was, there was always a hand to hold ours, a shoulder to cry our hearts out upon, one lap we could always rest our heads in and fall asleep peacefully. It was you, MOM.  Each and every day makes me realize more of how much an impact and inspiration you bring to our lives. Your words are a comfort and your hugs, a luxury. For me, Every day is Mother’s Day!

I believe all mothers are magicians. Magically, my dear mother knew I was wrong every time I had such intention. Magically, she knew I was down even when I tried hiding my tears from her. Magically, she knew I was confused even when I didn’t discuss a thing with her. And when I couldn’t find a thing at some place, magically, my mother would find it. And whenever I was depressed, a magical hug from my greatest magician suddenly made everything a lot better. Your hugs in silence always promised me that there would be a better day tomorrow. That is no limit to hard work. That no matter what, there is one person who won’t ever give up on me. Who will always have her faith in me, and that’s you, My Mother.

Now your hair has turned grey and at times you feel unwanted. I know I am not able to give you the amount of time I used to, but here is the thing, you are the strongest and the most beautiful person there ever is. So today, when your hands are dry and rough, your face is wrinkled and your arms weak, I promise to pay you back for all the battles you fought for me. I promise you to pay them back with appreciation and support.

Here is a promise I want to make you today on Mother’s Day – When your feet will be weak to walk upon earth properly, I would hold your hand and make you walk through every place you want, just like you did when I was young!

To sum up the effort of my and every mother out there, I would like to let you know that ‘You are a hero’. The real hero that hustles in silence. The hero whose hard-work and battles don’t bring triumphs to her but to us. The hero whose only asset is us. The hero who would sacrifice anything just to keep a smile on our faces. I cannot express how much I love when people find your shadow in me. You are a need that I will never outgrow! You are my best friend and will always be my role model!

Lots of love,

Your ‘Biggest Fan’,

Your Daughter

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  1. Shokhi,
    I just love this! There are so many that feel inadequate or just need a simple boost sometimes.
    Being a parent is just not easy, especially when you factor in two step children in addition. There are many days that you just want to go back to bed or not even get out of bed.
    Often the rewards of parenthood do not come until later on.


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