Why Your Parenting Never Works Out The Way You Plan?

As parents, you are solely responsible for how your child turns out when all grown up. All parents try to be the best for their children and think that their way of parenting is just perfect. Parenting surely is a tough job and excelling at it is an art. Becoming a parent is not a small deal and thus, it needs to be taken seriously. Merely thinking all that you do is perfect never works.

We find many kids who do not listen to their parents, or respect their elders and the other kids, are messy and lack in the very basic etiquettes. But we cannot really blame them. Did the rowdy kids get their rowdiness from birth? No, they were not born this way. How a kid behaves outside reflects the way he is brought up and what and how is he being taught at home.

Let’s take an example of Molten Metal. When poured in a mould, even the molten will solidify in that very shape after cooling down. Same is the case with the kids. When they are born, they are just like molten metal. Your parenting will structure their personality and reflect how they will be when grown up.

There are some obvious reasons as to why at times your parenting does not work out the way you planned:

The biggest mistake people make as parents nowadays is adopting the same parenting techniques of their parents. This is the twenty-first century. Kids today differ in a lot of ways from the kids at your time. You need to fully understand your kid. Let them free and see what they do. Every child is different from the other and you just cannot treat them as you were treated in your childhood and expect it to work.

The toddler years are known as the learning years for a kid. This is the age when the kids start to explore the world they are in. Every time they dig out the pots and pans or are talking your ear off, or make a mess, they are learning. Children do these things because they want to see what will happen or how. As parents, it is our duty to let the kids explore. If we stop them and limit their curiosity, they would never get a chance to explore and build an image of the world. Therefore, it is recommended to stop being over-protective because it might affect your child’s personality.

Parents impose their dreams on the kids. Your children are humans and have their own wishes and dreams. Let them what they want to be, help them make the decisions but do not take the decisions for them. Tell them that you are with them at every point of life but do not intervene and change their direction if they are heading towards their own goals.

We cannot disagree that parenting is difficult but we need to ponder upon the fact that what we think is the best way of parenting our kids might not be the best after all. Widen your horizons and think about the ways you can be parents and friends at the same time.

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