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How To Prepare For Labor And Childbirth?

How To Prepare For Labor And Childbirth?

Ever wondered how special everything’s gonna be after your 9 months of a tough brawl? You are going to bring a new life into this world. You are gonna be a mother! But having something that you really crave never comes easily. You have to struggle and achieve the thing that you love. You got to work really hard. It’s  a common belief that nothing is more painful than going through the labor and childbirth phase, yet nothing is more beautiful than giving birth to a pretty little creature.

So you need to be prepared for what’s coming. You need to be aware of what you’re going to go through during your labor and childbirth phase. You need to draw up courage and prepare your mind and body for the ‘climax’ of your 9 months pregnancy scenario.

Here are some important points that can assist you during labor and childbirth:

  • The most helpful and effective way is to take a childbirth course. The course mentors will ensure that you’re acquainted with all the information and various tips and tricks to help you in this perilous yet adorable journey. In addition to this, having other pregnant women around you will help you gather up confidence and ditch the fear of an undying pain.
  • The Second most important thing is to prime your mind. Find your strength and gather up focus. Indulge yourself in healthy activities. Spend some time with yourself, enjoy light walks, do yoga and squats, admire nature and just relax. Free up your mind of all the negativity and bull-crap of life. Think positive and understand the fact that how special this is. It’s not just fear and pain, it’s love and life too. If you prepare your mind well, you can get through anything. Least of all, the labor and childbirth phase.
  • Taking warm baths is considered a good thing during the labor and childbirth process. It is soothing and helps calm your nerves. But do take medical advice because it can be infectious at times too.
  • Being physically and mentally prepared isn’t enough. Setting up the environment for the newborn is important too. Get some tiny clothes for the new family member, diapers and ointments, nipples and toys, soaps and bottles, and include everything that you feel that your baby’s gonna need because you really won’t be able to go to the nearest supermarket and buy your stuff (including the sanitary pads) once your baby is born. So you better be prepared.
  • Stuff your fridge and kitchen. Get all the grocery for the month. Clean up your wardrobe. Remove all the unpleasant and obsolete stuff. Buy some new things. Clean up your home. Make sure you create a healthy and a cleansed environment for the newcomer.
  • Most importantly, try to do things your way. Trust your instincts. If people are telling you to do things, that doesn’t mean you have to. Just have enough confidence and try to do the things that make you comfortable whether it’s being in an upright position or dimming the light. Do what satisfies you. Feel free.

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