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Promise me dear Husband!!!

Promise me dear Husband!!!

My husband is from always ‘a family man’. Spending quality time with family is his top most priority. His morning starts with brushing his teeth along with his two daughters and the day ends with telling them his own framed stories (mostly in which he plays the role of a Hero 😛 ), & Of course, my turn comes too as well once when the kids are asleep 😉 . His weekends are spent by pampering us, creating so many loving memories all the way. Anyone who knows him tells us that we are so lucky to have him. He does everything that a man should! He is a person who spends time together, share responsibilities, discuss problems, celebrates joy and most importantly loves and take care of us. Yes, indeed I am, in fact we are, lucky to have him but then there are things he is so fussy about! ( After all, I am a wife, how can I see perfection in my own husband, you know? 😉 😛 )

On this Woman’s day I want my husband to make some promises to me. I really want him to make those promises and I am sure all the female readers would agree to me while the males just couldn’t help relating to!  So, are you ready to read on those 7 promises? Come, let’s get along!

Here comes the first! I want him to promise me to give me enough time to take a selfie just after I am ready to go out on a dinner with him and don’t give that irk look saying, “ Com’mon, Its getting late”! Isn’t that too selfish on his part? How can a woman miss a selfie when she is all set to party? 😉

The second promise I want him to make is not to get irritated when I adjust the rear mirror of his car to check my looks. I really need to check them again, after I came all the way from home to the parking. 😛 Hey u guys out there, you can skip reading this, only a woman’s mind can understand this! 😉

The third promise I want him to make is to keep away his cell phone on a silent mode whenever we are out for a date. His body has a censor attached. Whenever we are on a date, the moment our order arrives, he would get a call from someone verrrrry dear calling from tooooo far, either his Friend from London, his boss from US or if no one else, his mother from hometown!!! Gurrrrrrr……. ( But Yes, this shouldn’t apply on me. I should always enjoy the freedom to pick my calls anywhere, anytime because the other person might have something important to tell, you know) 😛 🙂

The fourth promise I want my man to make me this year is he will not watch that movie with his office colleagues for which I have been asking for weeks to watch together! Yes, he does so….  🙁 And then he tries to pacify me by taking me out for some other movie!!!! This is so mean of him! Isn’t it gals??? 😉

The fifth promise I want him to make me is he will never bring office work at home, which he does quite often and that time I just feel like he is married to that laptop! However, this is another thing that I don’t leave a single opportunity to disturb him. 😛 and I cannot be blamed, after all, who asked him to bring it home in its first place???? 😛 🙂

The sixth thing I want him to promise me is that he will make time to reply to my love texts, something that he never gets time for!!! The workaholic him feel the need to do so only when it’s the time to be back home and he want to peacefully enter the home!!! Yes, its true, I am not joking friends!!!

The seventh and the last promise I want my man to make me is that he will continue to do the things he do to win my heart, “Always and Forever!!!

I know he is the one for me and like him, no one can ever be!!! I am that much incomplete without him as much, he without me. I want to celebrate this Woman’s day together with the man who made me enjoy the best of the moments of my Womanhood!

“I’m blogging about the kasams I want from my man this Women’s Day with the #SadaSexy activity at BlogAdda in association with Set Wet.”

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  1. All i have to say is, “Wow”.
    With each line rather each word, it seems that I can really visualise what you have written. That’s the kind of impact it left on me.. 🙂


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