Rhymes which educate pre-schoolers

Children learn what they watch. This is especially true with the pre-schoolers because it’s time for their tremendous social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development. Some days back I published one post titled “Learning it with Cartoons” that clearly stated that whatever children watch affects their psychology as well. Their acts, beliefs and even aspirations get connected to what they watch.

My younger one is having mood swings these days and is not interested to watch the already watched poem at any cost.( A recent change in her as earlier she could watch the same series for n number of times  🙁 ) This has loaded me with another task to search unique poems for her every day, with a condition ofcourse (yes, how dare I not abide by that 🙁 ),  that the poem is not only unique but  interesting too.  A busy me could be found frustratingly saying to my friends , “She is getting too much demanding” but somewhere inside,  I am happy that she is eager to know more, ready to learn more and intelligent enough to retain more ! So motherly, Isn’t it? 😉 😛

While I was searching poems for her on you tube, I came across the rhymes channel of TheChuChuTV. I felt as if this is where my search has ended! There were no usual rhymes but the changed rhymes created to leave a positive impact on the little ones watching them. There is a lot more fresh and original content (Exactly what my lil monster princess need! 😉 ) The music is also not the usual kids type of music but the peppy numbers which is loved by little kids all around the world. The best part of the videos, that attract the kids the most, is the new artwork with every rhyme. The graphics are different in every video and this is what entertain and engage the toddlers all the while educating them.

I found all of their rhymes to be very educative instilling good thoughts in little minds to shape them into better adults.  I shown their videos to my daughter and she was amazingly happy. One evening she came to me and said, “Let’s water our plants.

I said, “I watered them in the morning itself”.

She replied, “ But we should water them in the morning and evening both”.

I was surprised and glad to hear this from her and asked, “Where did she learn this form?

With a sparke in her eyes she said, “ChuChuTV”!

I couldn’t believe! I checked on the video she was watching.  Here it is!

The video is based on the concept of “Save Earth Global Warming” and starts with three kids having a bad dream that the Mother Earth is increasingly gaining temperature  and is not well. This makes them get up early and act and sing while sharing the important life lessons like Water the trees and plants, Save trees, forest & wildlife, how a seed grow into a plant and how does planting a seed helps combat Global Warming.  The artwork is superb. My daughter just loves the blue coloured baby elephants and thankfully, this is the video she loves watching repeatedly!!! 😛

We all believe that the children are our future so we should teach them well and let them lead the way. We should make them understand their social responsibilities from a very young age.

I just loved the way ChuChuTV is making the videos for the young pre-schoolers to shape them into better individuals. Their work is an honest effort to provide entertainment to the children bringing out positive messages with entertaining songs and animations.

I definitely recommend their videos!

Disclaimer: I’m in no way associated with the channel personally. I am just a happy parent and wanted to share my views with the fellow parents here! 🙂

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