Snacking Junk Late Night

Never has been the refrigerator light so alluring than at night. I always wonder how it forms a spotlight on that leftover piece of cheesy pizza or that fudgy brownie! :/ Oh yes, the light never falls on the fruits or soup bowl. 😉 How convenient! 😛 How can you be blamed for having another sliver off the butterscotch cake if it looks so inviting at night?  No, it is all your brain’s fault. It had no business thinking of all the rich food in the world when everyone else is asleep. Oh, it is probably because you ate dinner early and had to stay awake late into the night. By then your food had already been digested and the body was soon going into the hunger mode again. But, instead of having a fruit or a bowl of fresh veggies, the body (and the brain) was looking for snacking junk that you had kept away during the day. Why? Because it is available and it tastes good. 😉 Night time is when the body wants more of that unhealthy stuff, again blame it on biology. What can we do if that is how our bodies are taught to respond to hunger stimuli at night? 😉 Well, a lot can be done!

Here are some useful tips to take control of snacking junk late night:

Don’t bring ‘em Home!

If you are sure that you are going to end up raiding the fridge at night for the tub of ice cream or the spicy croissant, stop bringing them home. Problem solved!

Bring, not save

And, if you are not strong minded enough not to let them enter your house, bring them in, but don’t let them linger too long. Buy in small quantities so that you can finish them up during the day itself and not save the left-over for later use.

Early to dine, early to bed

If you have an early dinner, say around 7:00 pm, try to go to bed by 10:00 pm, before the hormones get a chance to reignite the hunger flames. And, if it is an absolute must for you to stay up late, nibble on some fresh fruit or vegetable or drink a glass of low-fat milk before hunger sets in. And, drink plenty of water. Once the stomach is given something to work on, it will not crave for junk.

Change the setting

Sometimes reading about delicious food or watching cookery shows on TV at night can trigger the urge to eat rich, heavy food. If you come across an appetizing picture or recipe in a magazine, skip the page, go to some serious stuff like a quiz to rack your brain cells and divert attention. If you are channel surfing and land on a food channel, give that also a skip. This is not the time for such temptations.

These are all small changes. But, the effects are huge in the long run. Once you have learned to control your cravings, you can confidently open the fridge, go past the plate of pastry your kids have kept and reach out for the bowl of salad.

Yes, now that glowing little light is on healthy eating! No more snacking junk late night!!! 🙂

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