The Insanity of Holi

Holi, one of the most colorful festivals celebrated wildly in India, is played with tremendous energy and excitement throughout the country every year. You sing, you dance to the amazing tunes and you try to paint each other with amazing colors and vibes. The small pegs and glasses of ‘bhaang’ make you go crazy and you ought to do it to follow the exact pattern of enjoying Holi in the traditional way. But long gone are the days when Holi was played only to spread colors. This season has now become a festival of concern where there is no control over what you do in the so called ‘nasha’ of enjoying ‘bhaang’ or sometimes even ‘hard drinks’.

With each Holi, we hear one or the other news that shed us to tears. Many cases of the insanity of the Indians, when they are drunk or high with adrenaline rush, are what we can see during this festive season. Amidst the beautiful celebrations, behind the interesting colors of red, purple, pink, silver, white, orange , etc. you can always see some cheap lurking intentions of such people. They tease when you are all drenched in splashed water or do eye-battling when you are colored with some of the most stunning colors; you just cannot deny the fact that the people become more open towards expressing themselves on Holi but absolutely in a bad way.

There was a time when women used to play Holi at home only. Later, the country developed to give the same level of respect to both men and women which actually brought women to limelight and made them easy to come out of their houses and play with other men. However, in the recent past , it is seen that there are people would go to any limit crossing the thin lines between playing safe and playing mischievously. All you can see is men coloring their entire faces with different colors to avoid anybody recognizing them, picking a girl they like in the mob and molesting her. The scenario starts when the boy gets in to the group and indulges himself into being one of the friends of the gang. He takes his time to enjoy with the group members and once sees the chance where the girl has also been easy in playing with him, all he does is make any reasons to take her out and molest.

What can the girl do? Was it her fault to share happiness of colors with others or with unknown colors? Are you going to blame her for being good to unknown people? If none of it was her fault then why has she always paid the price for being nice and sober to others? Why the people have given her reasons to hate colors and embrace the ‘white’? Is it that difficult for women to live and enjoy the warmth and beauty of colors in this country with everybody? If the answer is NO then why is she feared of the raging powers that colorful men show? Why each girl, including me, has to give up on Holi just to stay safe and avoid being molested for life? That girl can be somebody’s wife, sister, sister-in-law or mother. A person who has been with everybody through the ups and downs and supported for the well-being, can you think of teasing that breed of human? Can’t India be called a place where every girl is safe not only on festive seasons but even during the regular night hours?

It is the 21st century! If girls are respected for their work and efforts to handle personal and professional lives peacefully, why can’t they have that peaceful time to enjoy themselves with colors?

This has to come to an end. We can say that it is somewhere the problem of human mentality that girls are less powerful than men. But NO, we girls are definitely not less powerful. We have always loved people with tender care and that makes us not to harm even the villains of the country as they can be somebody’s sons, fathers or brothers. It’s not the problem of mentality about possession of strength but of lust. Having said that, I solely feel that both the sexes should not try to test each other’s physical or mental strength.

Guys, if you like any girl, try to be nice to her. Be a nice gentleman and let her respect your humbleness. If you are coloring any girl with color, ask her if she is okay with you touching her. Do not go against anybody’s will and enjoy this festive season with peace and sincerity. If your love is true, the colors of love will definitely fill your life one day!!! Till then, have patience!!! 😉 🙂

Let us enjoy the various shades and tones of colors where each color brings us new joy and enthusiasm in life. Let us treat men and women equal and let us all live in peace together. Let us support each other. Let us eradicate any traces of anguish or sufferings from life.  Let us enjoy. Let us celebrate a Wonderful Holi 2016! 🙂 🙂

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