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The MyPedia Event Encouraging Young Readers

The MyPedia Event Encouraging Young Readers

Being an entrepreneur mom isn’t as easy as it sounds. You have to create a constant balance between work and family life. However, it only makes one stronger as a mother. Being an entrepreneur mom, I want to see the similar strong set of skills in my kids. While I don’t want to dictate what they want to pursue in their lives, some skills are a must in every person. Being a blogger I firmly believe writing is a sophisticated weapon for peace, prosperity, and success. With words, we can change the whole world. Be it a blog, an article, a story or comedy, we must always encourage our kids to pen down things that speak volumes to them. While other such writing categories might not very interesting to every child, I believe all kids love stories. Not just kids love listening bedtime stories from moms, every kid creates some kind of stories in their mind. Be it picturing them as a superhero or a princess, kids naturally have a strong imagination. Hence, we must always encourage them to write the stories that they cook in their minds to improve their writing skills and strengthen their imagination.

While there are very few activities for kids to polish their writing or specifically story writing skill, my recent experience with MyPedia Reader Storybook’s launch at the MyPedia Event was completely different. It is a book that is written by the children for children. So, I decided to attend the recent MyPedia event with my kids to encourage them to write more. The MyPedia event was arranged for MyPedia Reader Storybook which was compiled from 42 stories written by young writers. The contest MyPedia Reader Creative-writing Contest 2017 was organized by Pearson India in order to create awareness among kids and their parents about story writing. About 1,500 hundred stories were submitted by students all over India for the contest, but only the winning 42 stories could make it to the book. The youngest author whose story is also penned down in the book is just 8 years old! To follow Pearson India, you can either follow them on Twitter, or like their Facebook page.

The purpose of this compilation and contest was to encourage story writing as well as reading. Since the stories are written by young authors, they greatly connect with the mindset of all kids. Hence, MyPedia Reader Storybook is a great read for kids to learn the English language from. Kids have wild creativity and artistic imagination. Beyond the barriers of norms and rules, these stories are written with ingenious creativity.

So coming back to the MyPedia Event, there were 20+ kids and their parents. The kids were given a free hand to imagine and create their own worlds. Later those thoughts and imaginations were discussed and presented in the form of a play and ta-da, the stories were created. The kids performed their scripts and stories on the stage which gave them enormous confidence and freedom of expression. Have a look at these young readers reciting the stories Here. There were many inspiring stories that one could not imagine coming from these young minds.

For example, the first story presented by The Cotton Candy girl addressed the issue of boring corporate lives. The live performance of stories incited more and more kids to participate in the writing gala. Seeing the kids confidently reading out and performing their stories brought wide smiles of pride on faces of all the parents in the audience. The MyPedia Event Images will say it all.After the performance of all the stories, the book MyPedia Reader Storybook was unveiled by the kids themselves. A huge pen was presented to the young authors in order to appreciate their efforts and creativity. Several tips were also shared with parents as to how they can encourage their kids to pen down their thoughts.

I personally believe writing gives power to ordinary people like us and make us special. Our kids should have this sense of strength words bring them since the very early age. Just getting them to read stories written by young authors will make them ponder, ‘if they can, why can’t I?’ This is why I believe MyPedia Reader Storybook is a must for all kids. The best part about MyPedia Reader Storybook is that it is easily available on Amazon. The book can be downloaded as an ebook in phones and gadgets for kids to interact with it easily. You can get the book here: https://goo.gl/3uqzCT

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